Hi everyone, I have been away from the internet for many months with health issues where I was wheelchair bound and a times I could not function well, and at times I could not talk. I am now doing well and I have rewritten my books and have a new website. Please check out my website at www.godafterglow.net and ebook store at www.payhip.com/afterglow.

Today as with any of my medical problems, being cancer free for ten and a half years, my involuntary movements with the dendrites not making connections with my brain stem, seem to be under control with exercise, and my sleep apnea with my small airway disease, keeping a positive attitude with my love and trust in Jesus is most important. Attitude is everything. Are they serious conditions? Absolutely. “ But I don’t consider them a death sentence.” Like the Apostle Paul I often think of them as a thorn in my side. God’s grace is sufficient for me.

I love to write Christian Books. I love to tell how great God is and what He has done for my wife and I will never change, and what God can do for you.

I know some people do not like to talk about God. Yet they will argue to disapprove Him. These same people will also argue about politics, which they know nothing about.

People like to be with people like themselves, they don’t like to make commitments, they don’t like to think outside the box or make conflicts. Many are afraid of conflict. When we dare to speak and break the conflict we become freer.

We often have to make choices. When we make choices, we uncover a hidden power. Each of us has the power to create reason. We can become authors of our own lives.

What better way to harvest the power of Jesus Christ. Who is there that is better to help us then our Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God. If we attend a Bible believing Church that believes the Bible is the inerrant word of God, we find other Brothers and Sisters in Christ who know Jesus and love and think the same way Jesus does.