Morning Senses

The spectacular sky is alive with the music of song birds nestled in the tall trees surrounding me.

Stepping out on to the side walk surrounding our home the fragrance of nature alerted my senses to the many gifts of nature.

The sweet smell of cut grass, the fresh smell of the woodland brings to life scenes of my youth.

Just to name a few scenes:

Nestled in northern Vermont, riding my bike down Hardwood Hill and hoping I would not hit a large stone that would send me over the handlebars.

Climbing over the top of the only bridge on Main Street and not losing my balance.

Crossing the old condemned wooden dam behind the Atlas Plywood plant on the Missisquoi River and not getting my feet wet.

Hunting on Jay Peak before it was a ski resort.

Swimming in the Missisquoi by the Canadian Railroad bridge.

Yes, it was Richford, Vermont.

Oh, what to be young again, and have the strength and balance I once had. But wait, than I think about all the trials and tribulations of growing up, than I thank and Praise God! I made it to my senior years!

Until next time, Praise God!