You Can Do It Too!

I wish to thank my many friends who have helped me along the way to be a successful author with my own store. I have corresponded with authors and writers who have been very successful and have helped to enrich many lives with their articles and books.

I know many authors have sold their books for a much higher price than mine. I on the other hand have done so many things differently and I think that is what I find so exciting! As I try to follow our Savior in His walk, I no longer notice my age being in my seventy’s or my health issues that hamper my daily life.

I publish my books only in PDF form e-books, sometimes with 14 font and not the usual 12. I like to hear how seniors like me, fine the books easy to read. I like to use a table of contents, some authors do not. I always use words that are easy to understand.

I love my PayHip store in the UK, 5% per transaction fee for me, no set up fee, and no hosting fees to worry about.. How cool is that! Each customer has their name on every page. If they know someone who would like a copy and does not have a computer all they have to do is print off a copy and they have a book. How easy it is to click on a cover picture and a blurb about the book, my latest blog, or the shopping cart comes up as well, without leaving my website.

All my books have some sort of Christian theme. There are writings about Jesus, Heaven, and Biblical events. The adventure books like Short Stories from My Archives, An Unlikely Pair, In His Land and a few others have shootings, that is life, but the good guy always wins. If someone likes a children’s book with animals then it is Buddy’s Yellowstone Adventures, many seniors loved that book. Many of my e-books have pictures. My original paperbacks have no pictures. My books are inexpensive. Where can you get 18 e-books with a price of $1.00 to $7.00?

The Lord Jesus has only the best in mind for our lives, and He motivates us to enjoy it. Don’t always follow the crowd, follow Jesus and enjoy life until He calls us home.

Until next time Praise God!