With or Without HIM

In my almost 77 years of knowing God, the Creator of all things, and having loved this country, I find it difficult to believe that so many people have turned their backs on God and on this country that has freed so many people and nations over the years.

Our military are buried in many countries and this nation has only asked for permission to bury our dead.

This is not a free world, and our strong military presence has kept us free. America is not a perfect country. Like all other nations America has made some mistakes.

We have however, in the past, been a beacon of Faith, Hope, and Love in this darkened world.

Ever since our government has started trying to take God out of schools and other areas of American life, we have been in a downward spiral which is destroying this country. This cannot be allowed to continue. “If God is for us, who can be against us.”

God has shown us many times in past history, that He will not go where He is not wanted nor will He love, heal, and protect.

Many of us including some Christians forget or fail to realize that this world is not ours. We are only passing through. On our last day we will join our Savior and live with Him forever, or we will live without Him and His presence in a place of torment for eternity. The choice is ours. Do we continue to live in God’s presence, or do we continue to live for our own means and what is best for our own love of self?

I believe in God the Father, His only begotten Son Jesus Christ, and I believe in the Holy Spirit that God has assigned to live within us. If we believe in Jesus and follow Him we will have everlasting life. It must be done only through Jesus.

Until next time. Praise God!