Computer Smarts

I once wrote in one of my blogs, you can not destroy a computer but, you can confuse it. I was wrong! You can destroy it and also the computer can confuse you and cause you extra work you don’t need.

I have e-books that I sell on this website, and the most difficult time I had was with the way I have used my computer over the years, and the way I have prepared my books, not with the downloading to my e-commerce pages.

The time I have wasted and the extra work I have caused myself to do over the years, reminds me how often I have not listened to God and have not asked Him to be involved in what I did in my early years.

I am still a work in progress as our Lord continues to melt and mold me for His service. My life is now so much more meaningful with God’s blessings when I ask Him for His help and for His direction.

The next time you sit at your computer and you are having a difficult time with a program or some other function of your computer that is not operating properly think of our Lord and ask Him for His help. He is just a prayer away.

I know being in my senior years I can still use humor, like when someone asks me how I am, I can always say I am great as long as the standard is not too high.

Until next time. Praise God! the Archambault nerve center the Archambault nerve center