Handicap with Attitude

Do you have a handicap? Don’t let that stop you from doing something you want to do. People like to be with people like themselves, we don’t like to make commitments, we don’t like to think outside the box or make conflicts. Many of us are afraid of conflict. When we dare to speak and break the conflict we become freer.

For people like me that have chronic illnesses, life often seems harder. I can still drive, walk, and talk on my good days. I am still able to teach a Bible class for Senior Women at my church on Sundays. When I have to use my walker or wheelchair, and that does not happen lately, it becomes more difficult to keep a good attitude and make sound choices.

We often have to make choices. When we make choices, we uncover a hidden power. Each of us has the power to create reason. We can become authors of our own lives.

I am fortunate to have many great days. Others, I know are more sick with their chronic illnesses, than I am. Today as with any of my medical problems, keeping a positive attitude with my love and trust in Jesus is most important. Attitude is everything. Are they serious conditions? Absolutely.

God’s grace will always help us along. If you want to do something, do it.
Many people have done extraordinary things being handicap. You are not alone.

If you attend a Bible believing Church that believes the Bible is the inerrant word of God, you will find other Brothers and Sisters in Christ who know Jesus and love and think the same way Jesus does. Here you will discover God’s purpose in your life in partnership with those who will love, and encourage you. In a relationship with other believers God will help you become all He created you to be.

Remember you are never alone.

Until next time, Praise God!

A Chronic Illness does not have to stop you.  Your are not alone!
A Chronic Illness does not have to stop you. Your are not alone!