Forever Calm

A little more than two and some half years ago, two days after my 75th birthday, my 75th trip around the sun, I always like to add that! I went to see my doctor to get his signature to raise the pressure in my BiPap machine for my sleep apnea. I was in my usual good spirit and I was feeling great.

I was ushered into a room and the door was closed. I had a feeling some thing was going to happen. I opened the door and saw two nurses across the isle look at me. I was asked if I was all right. I said I didn’t know. They came and sat me in a chair and as they did I had a seizure that put me on the floor. Next thing I knew, my doctor and five nurses were on their knees around me. The doctor said, “He’s having a seizure.” And one nurse said “I am not getting a pulse.” There were medical terms spoken then I heard the doctor say “Let’s not loose him, let’s bring him back.” Another nurse said “I’m getting a pulse, he’s coming around!

Twelve hours later I was walking out of the hospital.

The reason I am telling you this is because of the great calmness that I had with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Isn’t it nice to know that God is always with us and that we have nothing to worry about?

This Easter, Resurrection Day, in these bad times, try not to worry about worldly things. Continue to thank God for wives, family and friends. Keep looking up, and wait for that knock on the door. Praise God, He is coming!

Until next time. Praise God!