The Eye is the Lamp of the Body. Luke 11:33  No one lights a lamp and hides it.  No one puts it under a bowl.  Instead they put the lamp on its stand.  Than those who come in see the light.

My web site is named because of the glow remaining after many pleasant memories of God’s blessings have disappeared and the glow of His presence remains.

I am a 60’s Navy Veteran and blue-collar worker now retired except my writing. I have 15 paperback books available on Amazon.

We continue to praise and thank God for what He has allowed us to see. Where He has allowed us to live. Blessings He has permitted me to write over the years and to recognize His many Acts of Grace. The conviction of our own need to bare the Witness of Gratitude. Telling others what God has done for us and What God can do for you.


Author and wife
Joan and Doug