God Will Not Be Mocked

Our Blessed Lord laughs in a quiet manner at the feeble attempts to connect to His great power. He smiles at those who think they have any true authority, especially if it is bought with money. He grins at the arrogance and the natural silliness of those in power.

Does this sound like any structure of government we know in the world today? God laughs at their deformed mental view, for what they think are chains of servitude as property, are really a force of love, and are really leaders with grace, who have a virtue coming from God, as we continue to abide in God’s eternal love for His people.

God always answered prayer in the Old and New Testaments and He because of who He is, never changes. Our prayers are answered today as they always have been. God is the same God yesterday, today and tomorrow.

When we are misled to compromise to make marriage for man to man, woman to woman, lets us not forget that God formed marriage for a man and woman. He formed man in His image and formed man to need a helper, a companion, a woman to walk with him. Not to walk before him or behind him, but to walk at his side and be his wife. Remember, woman was taken out of mans rib next to his heart.

Woman was formed to help man to be his helper, his companion, his wife. They are mutually dependent companions formed perfectly for one another. Even with their earthly imperfections.

We do not have to compromise and live as the media of today say we should. We find the answers to anything we need in God’s Word the Bible. God will not be mocked, everyone will eventually kneel before the Risen Christ and will have to answer to how they lived, and how they treated His people.

Until next time. Praise God!