Making use of Down Time

My generation is well into their 70’s. We have experienced many down time situations that have required us to stop our usual routine either to recuperate from a sickness or surgery or to help someone.

When I was wheelchair bound and now that my wife is temporarily bedridden, we haven’t driven much. I recently had to replace the battery in our vehicle. It was a chore just to find it. Two weeks later I went to get the vehicle inspected and it failed because the vehicle had not been driven enough and the computer was not ready. It failed the inspection and the next day I went up and down the interstate fifty miles to pass the inspection.

The reason I am telling you this is because we used our down time to accomplish some good. Since my wife has been bedridden we have taken all of our books that I have written in the last 11 years and that she has edited and have published them on Amazon and other online bookstores. We now have 19 soft-covered books on online bookstores and have 14 e-books on our website. We had time to work together.

We have written over the years how God has blessed us with His blessings and has helped us through the years. Doing this has given us a better attitude and a better understanding of God and His promises. With God’s help, we make better decisions and we don’t worry about the future. The present everyday happenings are enough to maintain.

Until next time
God Bless!