To the Nurses at Duke Medicine Pavilion and Duke North who assisted my wife Joan through her surgery. Four of the nurses requested my poem The Hospital Room which I penned 12 years ago when I had colon cancer. This led to writing my second book The Darkness Before the Dawn.

Nurses: Pat, Beth, Alma and Cat!
Many Thanks

Douglas J. Archambault

I awoke from my hospital bed and gazed upon the rays of the morning sun. I realized that the pain of the previous night had almost disappeared like the darkness before the dawn.

Was it because my surgery was major surgery or because the major surgery was for colon cancer, that I felt so alive and vibrant as the rays of sunshine crossed my face in that hospital room?

As the day progressed and the doctor removed the anosmatic tube from my nose, I again felt the feeling of being alive and vibrant. As the rays of sunshine continued to cross my face in that hospital room.

The next day as the doctor announced, rest today, home tomorrow, I again felt that same feeling of being alive and vibrant. And I knew that my life had changed. My Savior, who has always looked after me, has again given my life a new meaning and a new focus and it happened in that hospital room.