Caregiver for Spouse

My wife has been bedridden four and a half months with a back injury and now is recuperating from surgery. Things have changed around our home. I now do the laundry. When I was asked to fold the colors, I asked, all of them? I now am learning to cook. After 49 years of marriage I find this interesting.

I was in the grocery store last week and at the register I started talking with the cashier and two other women. I was telling them that I was now learning to cook while my wife was recuperating from surgery. They asked, “How is that going?” I said “We’re vertical!” Everyone laughed as I exited the store and told them to have a blessed day.

I read recently A wedding happens in a day; a marriage takes a lifetime. Years later we are still learning what it means to love one another as Christ calls us to love.

If you are a caregiver don’t lose your sense of humor. If some people don’t laugh along with you remember, Jesus will.

Until next time Praise God!