Christmas Is Coming

With the coming of Christmas and the world being in such a turmoil, I thought it would be great to mention my Christian e-books and paperbacks. God has apparently blessed my years of writing because I now have 14 e-books on my website and 18 paperbacks on Amazon.

I have as many seniors as young adults who love Buddy’s Yellowstone Adventures. If you like westerns, short stories or stories that will bring you to a better understanding of Jesus and His love, these books will be a joy.

In His Land is a story of faith, hope, and love that brings three frontier families together in North Dakota Territory around 1868. In a land that is extremely dangerous which is shared by all cultures to live in peace and harmony with one another.

An Unlikely Pair is a story about a mountain man and his pet wolf. The story takes place in the Brooks Range of Alaska around 1868. Is it a dangerous place to live? Yes it is. Can a man live side by side with a wild wolf as a partner? The wolf is wild and remains wild, but a bond is formed between the two and they trust their instincts with each other.

The Staff is a book of fiction. Although the staff was a real item sent by God to lead His chosen few, this book tells stories about what might happen to certain individuals if the staff was to suddenly appear today in our presence, and what we might do to help others or to help ourselves.

I have only mentioned a few. Next time someone wants to present a gift to a loved one and would like to present them something good and wholesome and inexpensive, buy or download them a book. If not mine, someone who writes good books, there are many. It will bring a smile and a thank you that will brighten your Christmas cheer.

Until next time. Praise God!