I am in Transition

When I wrote my first book in 2005 I never thought I would have the fun and meet the people that I have known and loved over the years.

It hasn’t always been easy. Shortly after my first book was published I found out I had colon cancer, then sleep apnea. I started to have seizures not long before moving to N.C. These problems have brought many changes to my wife and I.

I have been too great hospitals, both in N.H. and N.C. They only can tell me that I have non- epileptic seizures. Well!!! I have also found through them that I have a short circuit in my brain. I also can not retain things like other people can. Since no solution has been found I cannot be treated with any prescription. I don’t mind that. I tell myself that I have a virus in my brain and I need Norton to get it out.

The Apostle Paul had a problem with his eyes and Jesus told him that His Grace is sufficient for him, can I do less?

When I moved here to N.C. almost 6 ½ years ago people kept talking to me about my books and writing more. I started to write e-books. They are much easier to produce, and my wife Joan and I do everything ourselves. I have 18 paperbacks on Amazon and 14 e-books on my website through PayPal and PayHIP. I still like to use what I call easy words. Next year I will be 79, do you think I will change now?

I am writing this blog to tell you if you have a chronic disease like I do, you can still do many things. My greatest help has been my God, my wife, and my sense of humor!

I can never do many of the things I could do in my younger days. I am in transition.

Until next time. Praise God!