A Surprise Find

I wish to announce my latest book, Setting You Free/Sharing God’s Love is now available as a paperback on Amazon and as an e-book on my PayHip page at www.godafterglow.net. This book with eight stories in one book is not the entire story but these stories bring out the greater works that God has put on my heart as a Christian author.

For the last twelve years, I feel God has given me a gift to write. I started writing about a quest that lasted five years traveling through the south and south-west spreading God’s word, cancer, and other life-threatening health issues. God has always been there for me and I have great stories to tell. Any faith-based reader or writer knows what I am talking about. When you read something that jumps out like a scripture reading and God whispers to your heart. No work of fiction is equal to the Bible, the Word of God given to humanity. When a follower of Christ writes a novel because he or she feels prompted by God to do so, God opens a door and speaks through the story to the reader right where they are in life.

Please do not confuse my stories with a message or moral to share with the world. I have read that the point of writing a novel is to tell a good story. If you pen a good story while being open to the whisperings of God’s Spirit as you write, then the message and the morals will be woven throughout the story, without having to beat the reader over the head with them.

I was surprised to find this manuscript hidden away on a disk that I had forgotten. I was also surprised to realize I have a total of 35 paperbacks and e-books on Amazon and on my website.

CreateSpace and Amazon have a great program for selling my paperbacks and PayHip is very good for selling my e-books. PayHip has Paypal and Stripe and are a great company to do business with. The only problem I have with PayHip is that they are not well known but are a great new company and will do well in the years ahead.

Until next time,
Praise God!