The Eye is the Lamp of the Body. Luke 11:33  No one lights a lamp and hides it.  No one puts it under a bowl.  Instead they put the lamp on its stand.  Than those who come in see the light.

My web site is named because of the glow remaining after many pleasant memories of God’s blessings have disappeared and the glow of His presence remains.

I am a 60’s Navy Veteran and blue-collar worker now retired except my writing. I have 19 paperback books available on Amazon, 15 e-books on PayHip all available on this website.

We continue to praise and thank God for what He has allowed us to see. Where He has allowed us to live. Blessings He has permitted me to write over the years and to recognize His many Acts of Grace. The conviction of our own need to bare the Witness of Gratitude. Telling others what God has done for us and What God can do for you.


Many customers do not bother with reviews so with that in mind, I thought I would list some comments and reviews that I have found over the years starting in 2005 with my first book.

Doug’s first book is better than the site indicates. As a new author he writes from his heart and experience not from what he thinks a reader wants to hear in the message or on the page. October 2005

Doug is an excellent writer. He writes from the heart. He and Joan combine to make an up and coming successful author. His first books when read makes you feel like you could have been along with them experiencing all the things that happen as they are told. The second book is very well done also and Joan contributed poems as well. It is an incentive to all who are cancer survivors. Look for his new children’s novel coming out some time before Christmas. It is well done and entertaining. You won’t be able to wait to see what happens next. September 2007

Howdy Douglas,
Thanks for being my friend 🙂
Thanks for being my friend 🙂
Thanks for being my friend 🙂
(Snoopy must have writer’s block – LOL)
Looking forward to reading your blog and devotions. Hope you have a
great evening!

Hi, Douglas. Just letting you know that your Devotion ‘Driving on the
other side of the street’ has been featured for the coming week in the
Devotional Corner.

Thank you for the friend invite. I love your reasoning for using easy
words. I read a quote somewhere that said the mark of a good writer is
the ease of the reader. Can’t remember who said it, or if the quote is
accurate, but it is true.
I look forward to getting to know you.

Hey there Douglas, Praise God for His Faithful Love and promises in
which we can trust. I always love to hear stories of victory in Christ
Jesus! Bro Lee Brayn

God bless you with good health and success with your writing. As a
believer, the greatest success is to feel the presence and pleasure of
the Lord as he works in and through us.

I’m so glad you’ve joined, and congratulations on your new
children’s book.

There are always so many blessings we can find in life even in our worst
times. Great response about vertical! Faith and a positive attitude
make life so much better and can overcome all obstacles. Thanks for
sharing the remarks from your book.

As an Aussie, I drive on the ‘correct’ side of the road. LOL!


This is a great illustration, Doug. Thanks for the reminder.

Doug, this is a great analogy. Too often, when we forget, we tend to
veer off into oncoming traffic. It’s not that we want to be on the
wrong side again, we are just learning a new lifestyle. This is a great
encouragement for us all, young and old, who are endeavoring to
walk with Jesus.
Thank you.

Douglas, I have featured this devotion for the next week.

I love this devotion! Truth, plain and simple. And a good reminder
for our priorities in life! Thanks!

This is good. We are new creations in Him. Old things have passed
away and all things have become new.

Love the analogy. Thanks for posting it.

That is certainly a good example of being like Christ and helping
others. Thanks for sharing it!

I always coached my son to help people when he could, like his
grandparents, great grandparents. One day we were in Burger King,
we had just came from seeing my grandfather who was dying with
cancer. There was an older lady in front of us, she had her purse, a
cane and her tray, when my 10 year old asked her could he carry
her tray for her, I was so proud of him that day because I didn’t
coach him, the lady was proud of him too.

It is encouraging to see young people doing what is right, even when
they don’t have to. Very uplifting story 🙂

I really enjoy reading your word and the way you go about explaining
what you mean. God bless you.

There is a verse, I am not sure where it is right now. But it says: God
is not the author of confusion. I believe that confusion did come from
the fall of man when Adam sinned. We “all have sinned and come
short of the glory of God.” So if God is not the one who brought
confusion there is one that did and that is Satan. But as with Job
God allowed Satan to interrupt his life. So God is not the author of
confusion but will allow it to bring us closer to Him.
I loved it. Thanks Douglas for sharing. God bless you.

Good Word Douglas! Matthew 18:18-20 is a daily prayer for me
and for our Church, we can always agree on the Will, purpose and
plan of God for our lives. For all men and women everywhere.


Nancy from Pittsburg, PA. said
It’s no coincidence that we came across each others paths. I’m convinced it is a divine appointment. I have severe PTSD and live in fear every day. Lots of praying and Bible studying. I knew this verse in my mind but haven’t been able to find it. Thank you to you and your precious wife for an open heart in serving the Lord. I am blessed!

Hi Doug. I wanted to let you know that while packing to go to our summer home in NH, I came across the two books you gave several years ago and promptly read them. I enjoyed them thoroughly. I was especially pleased to realize that you and Joan are staunch Christians. I don’t believe in coincidence. The Holy Spirit has been working in my life lately and has led me to read many books on the Deity of Jesus and just what his life, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension means for us Christians. I have also been reading several books on theology which has given me a better grasp on the gospel. Your books have been inspirational and a comfort to me. Thank you for your ministry. I am hopeful you will both keep me in your prayers







Author and wife
Joan and Doug