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The Citizen, Laconia, N.H. Monday, July 10, 2006

Battling cancer with pen and paper

By Kenny Constant
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Just weeks before a cancerous tumor was found in his large intestine, Douglas Archambault was telling his wife he felt blessed for being 66 years old and not having to take so much as an aspirin.

After being diagnosed at Stage ll, other underlying illnesses were discovered, but this didn’t keep Doug from having a positive outlook. A retired 1960’s Navy veteran and blue collar worker and living in Tilton with his wife of 38 yeas, Joan, he didn’t “just want to sit and do nothing,” so he became inspired to write three books, one of poetry.

His first book, “TWO STEPPED OUT FOR HIM,” was published in August 2005, shortly before being diagnosed and after the Archambault lived in Vermont and had traveled throughout the South and Southwest on a “five year quest” During this time, they encountered “unexpected surprises, trials and friendships,” that formed a “personal spiritual call.”  “l was excited to be a new author,” said Doug. He mentioned that some people thought he wouldn’t write a book, but he did.

The second book, “THE DARKNESS BEFORE THE DAWN” was published this year, and is about his illness that was diagnosed last fall, and how Doug realizes that he had more than one life-threatening illness. One of his main goals is to write in such a way that anyone can relate to it, even if they arc not ill. “l wanted to help people,” he said, “Just like a lot of people; I thought this was never going to happen to me. I have a great sense of humor, and wanted to put it throughout the book.’

According to him, the hospital staff told him he was lucky to be alive due to the number of underlying illnesses he has acquired, including sleep apnea. He said he was very impressed with staff and medical treatment at Franklin Regional Hospital, Lakes Regional Hospital and Lakes Region Urology in Laconia. After the publishing of the second book, the Archambault’s went around to each hospital to give a copy of the book.

Included in his second book, is another book titled” lN MY FOOTSTEPS/POEMS TO INSPIRE.” Joan writes four poems in the book from their travels in “TWO STEPPED OUT FOR HIM.”

Doug indicated that a lot of the ideas for his poems came from where he lives, in the pine grove behind their home in Tilton. He said several times he has spotted deer, bear, fox and birds around the property.

One of Joan’s poems, “Spring is in the Air,” deals with the first book, and won the Editor’s Choice Award. Joan explained that her husband entered her poem into a contest. “l love it!” she said about the feeling the award gives her. Her poem will be placed with other poems on a CD. “He {Doug} was the one to get me writing poems,” she said,

The Archambault’s hope to get involved in community events for the book, and Doug said that since he is retired, he could spend as much time on it as he wants. “l’d love to become known as a local author,” he said.

The books can be published on demand, but are not stocked normally in bookstores. Both books can be ordered at or among 25,000 bookstores, including Amazon, Barns and Noble, Borders, lngram Book Group and Baker & Taylor. Doug indicated that if he did become well known, the availability of the books would change.

He believes that he has helped not only himself and other people with illnesses, but also their families and the stress they live with. “l enjoy it,” he said of writing, “it keeps me sharp and I love to help people smile.”

Kenny Constant in an intern at the Citizen during the summer. He will be a senior at Thomas College in Waterville, Maine in the fall.

Winnisquam Echo FACES AND PLACES September 13, 2007

Author moves from memoirs to adventure on fiction

By Meghan Siegler
Tilton – After publishing two memoirs and a series of poems, local author Douglas Archambault is currently finishing up the final touches on his new manuscript, a fictitious tale of a boy and a talking grizzly bear.

The new book is a far cry from the heavier memoirs Archambault wrote, the first of which was based on a five -year spiritual quest he took with his wife Joan. The second stemmed from Archarnbault’s unexpected illnesses that landed him in the hospital and prompted a new outlook on life.

Prior to becoming a writer, Archambault worked in security and had been a store detective at Ames and a security officer at the Steeplegate Mall. Archambault retired at 63 because he had carpel tunnel in both hands.

“l just didn’t want to sit on a bench the rest of my life,“ he said, “When I retired, I had all these used memoirs.”

So Archambault went to work transferring the files he’d tapped out on his typewriter onto a floppy disk, and in doing so realized he had enough material to write a book. That book became “Two Stepped Out For Him.” The story is taken from a collection of letters and events from the Archambault’s personal experiences that span several decades, with an emphasis on the five-year trip that took them from New England to the South and Southwest of the United States.

Living in their motor home during that journey, his wife said the couple spent their time “learning a lot of different things that we as Christians had never believed in.”

“lt was just a road we had to take,” Archambault said.” ‘Two Stepped Out For Him was published Aug.13 2005 by Very shortly thereafter, Archambault fell ill. “That’s what changed our focus,” he said. “They (the doctors) found out I had a multitude of (illnesses).” After being rushed to the emergency room because he’d gone into shock, Archambault was diagnosed with colon cancer and sleep apnea, which doctor said had been causing him to stop breathing for approximately 13 and a half minutes for every hour he slept. He now has to sleep with a humidifier and CPAP to give him more oxygen, but Archambault said “its done wonders for me.” The cancer is gone as well, but the effect that recovering had on Archambault changed his life.

“During my hospital stay, a poem came to me,” he said. That poem was “The Hospital Room,” and writing it and other poems during his convalescence led Archambault to his next publication, “The Darkness Before The Dawn.” The book is his story of how he went from feeling healthy, with no symptoms, to lying in the hospital with a laundry list of medical issues. lt’s a warning to others, he said and also a tribute to the excellent care he received at both Lakes Region General Hospital and Franklin Hospital. “l think it’s important for people to realize, hey, you can get ill and not even know it,” he said.

“ln My Footsteps/Poems To lnspire” is Part 2 of “The Darkness Before The Dawn” and includes a couple of poems written by Joan. “l try to express that we have so many wonderful gifts around us if we only take the time to see.” Archambault said of his poetry. Archambault said he uses the pine grove in his backyard as inspiration for his writing and tries to keep it simple. “l like to use what I call ‘easy words,”‘ he said. Part of his reasoning, he said, is that he doesn’t want the reader to have to stop to take out a dictionary, which would take away from the experience. But Archambault also joked that he has a history of using simple words.

“l think I was the worst speller in the class,” he laughed. His newest book The Adventures of Little Buddy and Grizz,” is also simplistic in nature but full of adventure and humor, Archambault said. lt’s geared toward kids but is longer than your average picture book, and it spans 12 years of a boy’s life. Archambault is currently deciding whether to add illustrations, but the manuscript itself is done.

Archambault said he stepped into the new genre with gusto. “l love writing anything,” he said. ‘I never thought I’d be a poet, but geez, the words just come, and I start writing them down.” Archambault’s books can be ordered from any major retailer, including, Borders, and Barnes and Noble.

Archambault said he’s hoping to continue improving his computer skills so that he can have a greater internet presence.

“lt’s a learning experience for me, and actually, I’m having the time of my life,” he said. “People don’t know what they’re capable of doing unless they really try to do it.”

Article published on Mar 12, 2009

Archambault publishes third book – Publish America is proud to present “The Adventures of Little Buddy and Grizz” by Douglas J. Archambault

“The Adventures of Little Buddy and Grizz” takes a modern-day setting and a writing style that goes back in time before Yogi Bear and Charlotte’s Web to the time of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. The author brings to life the adventures of a 10-year-old boy who becomes lost in Yellowstone National Park and meets a gigantic grizzly that can talk. Simplistic in nature but full of adventure and humor, the story spans 12 years of the boy’s life.

Douglas’ first book, “Two Stepped Out for Him,” published in August 2005, brought to life a personal spiritual call that led him and his wife, Joan, on a five-year quest filled with unexpected surprises, trials, and friendships.

Douglas’ second book, “The Darkness Before the Dawn,” published in 2006, brought to life another personal story that dealt with his unexpected illness with colon cancer, which later uncovered other underlying issues. Included with this book was a book of poems, “ln My Footsteps/Poems to lnspire.” These poems written during his convalescence inspired him to write “The Darkness Before the Dawn.”
Douglas J. Archambault and his wife Joan reside in Tilton.

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